Club Penguin Winter Fiesta 09 Cheats

Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin the Winter Fiesta Party has come out! There is some awesome decorations and surprises all over the island! Here are all the cheats for the party.

There is a free item which is a Mini Sombrero located at the Cove:


If you go to send one of your friends a postcard, you will find a new postcard in the party section of the Winter Fiesta Party!


That is all the cheats for now. If anything else gets added to the party I will post it immediately so keep checking back here! Anyways, I wanted to show you what my favorite room was. My favorite room is the Forrest!


What’s your favorite room?

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


27 Responses

  1. Cool party! What’s your favorite room?

    -Bike Boy93

    ~ROCK ON~

  3. Hey bike can you give me a heads up on one of your party?
    ~rock on~

  4. I like the Dance club because the golden stairs are the inside, And i also like the forest

  5. I like the forest too, it’s awesome!

  6. i like the coffee shop:-)

  7. forrest

  8. Dude, cool new CSS and header Bike, it looks really cool, I like the header alot dude! It looks sweet!!!
    ~Small Fry12~

  9. cool post! My favourite room was the forest.

  10. Cool! My Favorite Room Is The Forest Too!

  11. I like the Forest and the Coffee Shop! Check out my site!

  12. Dude!
    How you made the header?!
    Awesome CSS!
    Check it out!

  13. My favorite room is the iceberg. What is your favorite room BIKEBOY93? COME ON TELL US BIKE

  14. the iceberg is so cool and decorative

  15. LOL U can make the header with adbode photoshop. Its pretty easy.

  16. how do you put your backround css on?

  17. PLZ READ AND RESPOND can u give Me your code?

  18. for the background color

  19. Dude Im ur Buddy on cp and im a candian too!
    Proud to be Canadian!

  20. 😀 Go Canda:D
    Are you watching the All-Star-Game tonight bike?

  21. Cool Site!
    Check out mine and comment if ya can!!

  22. the forest looks like it could be rockhopper island.

  23. hey bike boy awesome site im cbills i go to all of ur partys but u never add me any ways i wanted to know how did u make your css with dream weaver?

  24. Comment on my site about which header i should use.
    Please vote!
    Waddle On!

  25. Sweetness Bike!
    Thanks for the heads up.

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