Penguin Catalog Cheats & New Pin

Hey everyone! Today there is a new pin out on Club Penguin, and also a new clothing catalog! Let’s check it out!

The newest pin is a Gingerbread Man located in the Lodge Attic:


January 09 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog:

1. On page 1 click the red paint can for the Spikester:


2. On page 3 click the blue light to the left of the penguin for the Spikette:


3. On page 5 of the catalog, click the plant for the Fruit Headdress:


4. Click the orange present on page 7 for the Yellow Scarf:


5. Click the top of the mountain on page 9 for the Russian Hat:


6. On page 11, click the top of the pine tree for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and close it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet:


7. Click the snowman’s hat on page 14 for the Pink Pom Pom Toque:


8. On page 18 click the snow flake above the penguins left hand for the Red Hoodie:


Lastly, there is new backgrounds with two returning ones from last year and also two new ones!


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


14 Responses

  1. And also if u click on the red paint can on the first page then u get the “spikester” or however it’s spelt

  2. Nice post, Bike Boy!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Thanks! Glad to help you out!

  3. cool post bike.
    also, how do u add a link to a pic like at ur chat box?

    Bike Boy93 Said: When you are in the widget with the picture, and you want to link it to something it is very easy. When you see two quotation marks, for example I used tiny pic. You would see “” Change that to the link you want, and ta-da you did it!

  4. I didn’t even know there was a new catalouge out! thx Bikeboy.

  5. hey bike nice post also like ur site its cool.

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  7. go 2
    see ya there!

  8. Hey bike what do u think sombreros and the old cowboy backgrounds. Nother cowboy party in the air?

  9. how do u get thos fire effects in ur css? like at the post title

  10. Sup! I found CP’s newest glitch! Go to the dance lounge and go to the table in the middle. Then click above the Thin Ice game. You can walk on the game thing! I call it, Ninja on Ice.

  11. Bike boy! I was on Frozen and there was a guy with no spaces between bike and boy!!! and everybody was crowding him and he was saying “I AM VERY STUPID CAUSE IM BIKEBOY” And “DONT VISIT MY SITE IM STUPID” Nobody would listen! PS: i found out cause im on ur buddy list

  12. Awesome Site!!!
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    if ya can!!!

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  14. Wow! some of these cheats or secrets i didnt know. thx! 🙂

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