Club Penguin Mission 10- Waddle Squad

Hey everyone! The mission is now out! It’s called Waddle Squad. Swiminn6 is nice, and made a video for me while I was outside, building my ice rink I got for Christmas! Anyways, I will have my own up soon!

Lastly, right now until the mission comes out we will also be chatting on my chat about the new mission! CLICK HERE, to go chat!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


16 Responses

  1. hey! I was trying to get into the HQ and i got in but everyone was saying sensei did the mission and its in the DOJO! I did not see it but check it out!

  2. Hey im Pinkey123443 on tundra! I am trying to add u! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Im there chanting!


  4. You guys are lucky. I can’t do the mission because i can’t finish mysterious tremors can one of you send me a video or somthing to help me.My email is

  5. never mind

  6. I am the first one to complete mission 10!


  8. that was very short

  9. Hey! Nice site. Check mines,

  10. ice rink for christmas? XD how kewl…and very nice of him? =D

  11. swimm6 u for got one of the awards the employee of the month trophy

  12. Hi its chinsetakout!
    Great Post! Your site is great!


  13. Hi, Glitzy here!
    This is nothing to do with this post but I have spotted you and Mimo98 at Frozen today! I asked you to be my friend but knowing you are that popular, I put you and mimo on ignore! Anyways, |_ 0 \/ E the site!


  14. by the way, mimo98 is a rare penguin who has clothes from 2005 -2006 catologues. i don’t think he/she does any wordpress blogs.


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