Club Penguin Treasure Book Update

Hey everyone! Today Club Penguin has updated their Treasure Book with a lot of awesome items! To get them you must buy a Club Penguin toy which comes with a coin with a code on the back. The code is used to unlock these items!


In other news…

A lot of you have been wondering where to buy Club Penguin Gift Cards. They are sold online, or over 11,000 retail locations including participating U.S. Target locations, all Walmart locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, all Toys’R’Us locations in the U.S., and Sainsbury’s in the UK.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


7 Responses

  1. Cool post 🙂 comment back!


  2. New server called Ascent!

  3. Oh yeah if you create a new account it gives you a guide on the game!

  4. cant wait til christmas cuz ill have a code by then and in can get the items! 😀 😀
    also go to and comment plz im trying to reach 20,000 hits before january. im at 14,000. thanks.

  5. Northern Lights is a new sserver also!

  6. its cool stuff! dude if you have any codes can i use them. thx


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