Bike Boy93's 200,000 Hits Party Review

Hey everyone!

Wow, that was the best party I’ve ever had yet, and also the biggest! Thanks to everyone who came! Anyways like I promised, I filmed the party! Down below is the video, and pictures from the party.

Here is all of us on Santa’s sleigh!


Here we are at the Ice Rink! We played some hockey!


Keep checking back here to see if the video has been uploaded!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


19 Responses

  1. Nice, that party was awesome Bike and I’m in all of those pictures, I hope I’m in your video, anyway that party was the best one I have ever been too.
    ~Small Fry12~

  2. Cool! u can see my name in every pic there! It was an awesome party!
    My name is on mikey’s scarf and on the sled behind the note sign and under ‘PARTY AT THE ICEBERG!” My name is toopt and im wearing a sub-beta hat and night vision goggles.

  3. Yeah, that party rocked! Even though I never had the chance to play find four or sled racing with you, that was the best party ever. Better than some Mimo parties.

  4. awesome party!

  5. that party was SWEET i was there im Lilygirl55

    p.s Nice igloo

  6. Hey bikeboy? I’m Smallfry’s best friend and I work at his site. I was wondering if we could be friends. I couldn’t care less if you said no but I was wondering if you wanted to be freinds with ME.


  7. hey are you onn right now??
    cause like yeah

  8. Hey bike awsome party maybe we can meet some time im in your video aat the night club. Check 3:35 you zoom right in on me! thx

    PS Kool igloo

  9. did you let anyone no your password?

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    Yes, I was online. Sorry, I didn’t talk at all, I was editing something on my site. 😛

  10. Sorry I couldn’t make it to your party, I was at my friends Christmas Party last night and we had too much fun, we were playing Guitar Hero, and Twister etc
    I’ll try next time!


  11. WOOT! I was clicked

  12. LOL, wish i coulda been there. 😦 i’ll try to make it to the next one! 🙂

  13. that was really fun!
    i beat u in sled racing! lol
    good times…

  14. You must be famous bike boy. 😡 Oh well. :heart:

  15. Erm…
    I must use this website to see how to make the heart emtion.

  16. :love: hmmmm Please work.

  17. yea i was in the night club you zoomed in on me hay toopt remember me bikeboy you and me should meet up some time

  18. This party was AMAZING!
    Me and my brother are in all the pics!
    Thanks BikeBoy!

  19. Hey Bikeboy93,
    nice job making the video.
    And, ever one im in the video, with the detective hat at the beging and ill be throwing snow balls well that penguin would be me. You rock Bikeboy93!

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