Bike Boy93’s 200,000 Hits Party Invitation

Hey everyone! I’m proud to announce that I have scheduled plans for my upcoming 200,000 Hits Party on Club Penguin! Here’s the invitation!


If you can’t read the text in the photo, here’s it more clearly:

When: Saturday, December 20, 2008.

Time: 2:30 PM Penguin Time.

Where: Server Tundra, at the Dock.

Why: I reached 200,000 Hits!

What to expect from me at the party:

  • I will be adding the first 20 people that ask me for a request to be my buddy.
  • I will be filming my party!
  • We will play find 4, manacala, and sled race!
  • We will explore Club Penguin while the Christmas Party is here!
  • We’ll play follow the leader at my party. This means you follow me from room to room!
  • We will have a big snowball fight at the Snow Forts!

Remember to check my site if you get lost during the party, or if you’re just logging on to the party and want to find us. I will have a post with a tracker telling you what room we are in!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


16 Responses

  1. Comment and tell me if you can go or not!

    -Bike Boy93

  2. Bike boy I can make it.HOPE TOO SEE U!!!

  3. i am going it will rock congrats bike

  4. Hey bike im going to your party its gonna rock! Congrats on the hits 🙂

  5. omg im so gonna be there!! rock on

  6. Maybe I will be there.

  7. Ill totaly bo there.

  8. dude ill be there and ill be posting a code soon so look at my site

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  10. hey bike I hope I can make I will try to I hope I see you there!

    And this will be the best party ever I no it can I be special guest! it mite be har if tundra is full for me cause i dont got membership but ill be there Cya!

  11. dude i bow to you. kuz you are better than me

  12. Hey Bikeboy93! I was wondering if you could come to my party tomorrow! It’s on December 20 at 4:00 Penguin time. Anyone is invited! I’m pretty sure Ameeron and Fano will be there since I messaged them about my party. Oh yeah, the party is at the North Pole town. Don’t miss it! PEACE

  13. Oh yeah 100thninja is my penguin name.

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  16. how did u make that???

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