Coins for Change & Rockhopper Arrives!

Hey everyone! First off, Coins for Change is back on Club Penguin! Also, Rockhopper has arrived back to Club Penguin in new fashion, and lastly, the stage Quest for the Golden Puffle has returned! Check it out!

Make sure you go to the Beach, Plaza or the Captains Quarters to donate to one of three good causes! You can also pick up the free item if you didn’t get it last year which is a bell:


With that being said, Rockhopper has also came back to Club Penguin and he will also be celebrating Christmas with us! That’s why his ship is decorated Christmas theme!


Here is what Rockhopper’s ship looks like from the inside. (Click to enlarge.)


Also, Rockhopper has brought back his rare item catalog. The free item which is the Red Sailor’s Cap has come back! (Click to enlarge.)


Also, the Treasure Hunt game has change. Instead of finding treasure, you need to find candy and candy canes:


Look at this! My house got a foot of snow last night! I got a snow day!! 🙂 Did you get any snow last night? Comment!


Lastly, remember to check out my Rockhopper Tracker page to track where he is.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


20 Responses

  1. Wow, what a big post! Did any of you get a lot of snow from the big storm last night?

  2. we had this huge rain storm last night 3-5 inches then the rain turned into freezing rain witch made everything icy so they called off school for me

  3. It was snowing here a bit this morning…but it all melted before it hit the ground. *sighs*

  4. dude wat are u talking about i live in chicago u cant walk in snow its like 12 feet!
    email me if u know a coin cheats!
    i will give u a member penguin i swear god i will!
    u too bikeboy!

  5. Man we never get snow where I live and I MEAN NEVER! I have never seen snow where I live. Can anyone guess where I live, HINT: It NEVER snows here LOL.
    ~Small Fry12~

  6. I got snow! But I’m gonna get more on Monday! Oh and Bike in the new stage catalog, if u click on the golden puffle on the first page u get the Crook & Flail.

  7. It might snow here in Cali over the weekend.

  8. I live in western India and it only snows in northern India, not in western India. Wish it would snow here; I could make snowmans and have a snowball fight.
    ~ Lander 101 8) ~

  9. Nice Post Bike! It Never Snows Where I Live… 😥 I Wish It Could Snow Here! 😥 Aww Well!

  10. it flooded in boston so they called school off:)

  11. there are too many people in new york i can get lost easly but when it is rainig very hard there is like no people!!!!

  12. sigh, it NEVER snows where i live…i live in Miami,Florida. it snowed once in like 1975 but apparently it melted when it hit the ground.

  13. omg your lucky at least you get snow

  14. Depends wherebouts you live lol. Canada, USA? I’m in Manitoba so it snows all November – March XD

    ~Sargent 8)

  15. i live in the south i cant tell where even though i was born in the north but i now live in the south and we dont get any snow down here in fact today i wore shorts and a short sleave shirt 😆 it is so hot where i live

  16. i forgot to comment on this but no. i didnt. florida sucks we dont get snw! 😡 😥

  17. I never get snow like that
    were i live because i live in Northern Ireland


  19. some tell what there club penguin user name and msn or hotmail so add them one day on server ice cream

  20. joshman103

    some tell what there club penguin user name and msn or hotmail so add them one day on server ice cream

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