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Club Penguin Times Issue #165

Hey everyone! Today the new newspaper has come out on Club Penguin! It talks about celebrating Christmas while Rockhopper is here and also Coins for Change and an Igloo Decorating Contest!


Rockhopper arrives tomorrow December 12. Penguins all over Club Penguin are excited and getting ready for this years Club Penguin Christmas Party and also Coins for Change! That’s not all! While Rockhopper is here, you can play a new version of his Treasure Hunt game! Also, he is setting up a Coins for Change donation in the Captains Hold. He promises to be here from tomorrow until Christmas so make sure you check out my “Rockhopper Tracker Guide” page tomorrow to find him!


Tomorrow December 12-22 we will be donating coins to Coins for Change! There will be more then one donation booth. My guess is that they will all be in the popular rooms like the Town, Plaza, etc. Coins for Change is about what matters the most to you.  A total of 1 million dollars will be donated to each cause this holiday season by us donating our coins to each cause.  Down below are the causes you can help!

  • Kids who are sick.
  • Kids who are poor and can’t afford to go to schools.
  • Kids without parents or hurt by war.

Starting December 19-29 there will be a Christmas themed Igloo Contest on Club Penguin! To enter, just decorate your igloo! Winners will be added in the newspaper January 1! The first 10 grand prize winners will receive 25,000 coins to their account, and the runner ups will receive 15,000 coins!

Upcoming Events:

(Click to enlarge.)


In other news…

A couple of days ago I made a forum called “Club Penguin Earth.” I am asking all of you to come check it out and join!  CLICK HERE! By going to this Forum you can sign up and talk about Club Penguin among other users!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


4 Responses

  1. Awesome Post! Dude Everyone say that u’re Fake in cp. 😦

  2. Awesome post Bike =)
    I’ll check back, whenever theres a new update!


  3. heyyyy bike i luv ur poster and ur party!!!!!1

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