Bike Boy Tv Season #11

Hey everyone! I am back with another season of Bike Boy Tv! This is no ordinary season of Bike Boy Tv! This one is unique in every second you watch of this video because YOU made it happen!

Anyways, the episode is about Bike Boy losing his membership! Will he have enough intelligence to solve it?!

To view the video click on the video box down below:

-Next party… 200,000 hits!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


11 Responses

  1. I think ur videos r bad NOT ur videos r LEGEND!
    ps:I did this comment on my PSP

  2. Your New Video Rocks, Bike Boy!
    ~PiplupU 😉

  3. The Video Is Cool, Except I Don’t Get It That Much.
    ~PiplpuU (Your Video Still Rocks)

  4. Oooops! I Messed Up On My Other Comment Up There…
    ~PiplupU NOT ~PiplpuU

  5. i cant belive that i miss it!!!!! im so sad when is your next video plz tell me by writing back to me plz i dont want to miss it again from pjtaz97

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    I am not quite sure when my next season of Bike Boy Tv is, but I will be filming my 200,000 hits party which is coming up really soon! Keep checking my site everyday for updates on when my 200,000 hits party is. I have 190,403 Hits right now, so it should be very soon!

  6. Yah, me too I missed, I would have been there but it was to early. 😦
    I hope I can make it to the next one, anyway I love Bike Boy TV!!!
    Nice episode, LOL.
    ~Small Fry12~ 🙂

  7. hey u erased my comment ;(

    On the front page!!

  9. Sup Bike Boy93, You hate me, but i want to be friends. Its cool having penguins follow u everywere again and again, just dont do it over and over, do something exciting, like i will add!

  10. I do’nt understand it it. Like, Bike Boy 93 lost his member ship, then he goes to the dock and theres a crowd of penguin fans. Then hes a ember again.

  11. oops i meant don’t not do’nt and i meant it, not it it

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