Bike Boy Tv Season #9

Hey everyone! I am back with another season of Bike Boy Tv which this episode is one that you will definitely  not want to miss!

This episode you are about to watch is about Bike Boy93 going down to the Stage to steal very expensive tickets to see Bike Boy Tv in action! Will he get caught or will he get away to go watch the #1 tv series on Club Penguin!


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


9 Responses

  1. yeah bike boy rocks! i was in that video. bike boy tv rocks!!!! u even clicked on me! (jomo1998) u r awesome!!!!!! but u never add me 😦
    next time i see u can u plzzzzz add me? plz respond

  2. Please add me or send me mail comment on my site a time we can meet. ~Michigandude

  3. What;s the title of the very 1st song?

  4. hilariousi dont have ne credits and i cant buy them though but thanks for helping me any ways

  5. i was there except my name is lil hannah n

  6. i was there! 😀
    and bike huge contest at my site! 😀 😀 😀 plz join it!

  7. Nice Post!
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    So can you please visit my site?
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  8. What where the names of the 1st and 3rd songs?? Anyways it was funny 🙂 hope you make more 😀

    Anyways Bike I’d like to invite you to my Cp X-mas party! Here’s the link with more info:

    P.S. if you want cut the link out but give it a look if you can k? 😉

  9. Hey man. I just wanted to ask what was the music background at the beginning of the video. The music rocked.

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