Treasure Book Update!

Hey everyone! Today Club Penguin posted that they will be updating the Treasure Book with new seasonal items such as some favorites, and a few new ones!

Starting on Friday, Dec. 5 you will be able to use the codes you have from toys to unlock different items in the Treasure Book! The items that are currently there will still be available, plus a few different items.


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


9 Responses

  1. Hey dude where are people getting all these cool items like a gong and a Dojo igloo? Thanks!


    Bike Boy93 Said:
    They are getting these items from the Ninja Hide Out Catalog. Only people that are Ninjas can access this catalog.

  2. Is this you? You may use it if you want!
    Just give credit to!

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    Nope that’s the other one that’s really good friends with me!

  3. dang I am only a white belt

  4. hey bike you rock

  5. Bike are you a black belt? Or a ninja?

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    I have all the belts and I am a Ninja.

  6. Bike you rock!!!!
    I see you got CP: Elite Penguin Force cause you were on the top of some of the leaderboards. Yeah I’m up there too. My username is Flocktopus but right now it shows up as Guest355822554. How annoying!
    Well I will be on top of everyone SOON!
    We should meet.
    Comment on my site:
    I work as an author for!

  7. Hey Bikeboy93! I got a suggestion. If there is a return of a rare item in any updates, then you should tell people what item came back! Example: [The 3D glasses have returned.] The Ski Patrol suit has returned. [The black sneakers have returned.] The things that are in []’s means that they may return in the future, all though they are rare.

  8. lol say wha?

  9. where are people getting these and how thanks dude

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