Club Penguin Times Issue #163

Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin the new newspaper has come out! It talks about secrets about Sensei and information about him!


Sensei is full of mystery and wisdom but one lucky penguin got to ask him some questions that I thought to myself was pretty interesting, and how sneaky he really was.

  • Sensei built the Dojo when he was very young. (Beta Years.)
  • He has been wandering the island of Club Penguin ever since gaining wisdom.
  • A lot of black belt penguins have beaten Sensei.
  • Ninjas can turn invisible while they do the dance emote.

Upcoming Events:

(Click to enlarge.)


Also, if you didn’t know I started back Bike Boy TV! CLICK HERE, to see the latest video!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


7 Responses

  1. Wow everyone! What do you think about Sensei creating the Dojo!?

    -Bike Boy93

  2. can u work on my site?
    and can i copy this post

  3. i knew he was going to make the dojo from the first time we saw him

  4. happy thanksgiving

  5. Hey dude, if you go on Internet Explorer 7, did you notice the CP logo on the left part of the tab? It shows a blue C at the top left corner, and an N at the lower right corner. Is it just me? It’s probably only happening on Vista.

  6. Oh yeah fifth comment!

  7. Dude, you forgot the updates! Well, I’ll give you the updates. There’s a new sports catalog, with the return of the hockey jerseys, hockey stick and snowshoes. Secret item: Pommel horse, click the ‘N’ in FURNITURE. Return of Ski Patrol suit.

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