Card-Jitsu and Server issues

Hey everyone! Today Billybob posted on the Club Penguin blog about the server issues and having problems with the new game Card-Jitsu.

Club Penguin is really sorry about the big lag on trying to log on to Club Penguin, and also the lag in the new game Card-Jitsu. The team is working very hard and should be fixed soon. A good tip to do while waiting for the servers to be fixed is try checking out the new play at The Stage or looking for the new hidden pin while you wait and check back to play Card-Jitsu a bit later!

Also, I am finally a Ninja! Down below is a picture of what the Ninja Hideout looks like:

(Click to enlarge.)


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


4 Responses

  1. sweet! even tho ive been a ninja since wed. but sweet! now we can hang out in the ninja place lol

  2. Hey Bike your site ROCKS :mrgreen:
    I am dancing near you right now in cp!!!
    Hey I have a site and I added you to my blogroll since your site is so awesome.
    It is

  3. You guys all try to get the belts the easy way. Ha!

    The New CP trainer I helped make is CP Revelution, which came out already.

    Just download it, and Download WE Pro, and then perform a simple sidetrack to CPs servers. Then Freeze the “COM_MOD3” Variable using Cheat Engine 3.5, and then just type in the black belt code number on CP Revelution. It is so easy.

    I am working on becoming the sensei, but the items are not on the database, so I have to hack the mod site yet again. I will post on my new site when i get the items on the subitute database.

    Sanity Penguin, Out!

  4. HI I’m Brianna250 and That’s a cool blog You may have heard of me on CP Im pretty famous on there!

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