Club Penguin Times Issue #162

Hey everyone! It’s Chewy posting for Bike Boy93!

The training at the Dojo is a success. Once you reach the black belt, you can battle the sensei to unlock the secret room. (In the secret room, their is a catalog to buy items, including the ninja suit.)


A new fairy play will be released at the stage tomorrow.


A new Better Igloos Catalog will be released tomorrow. Ring in the season for new handy things for your habitat.


The items below will be in tomorrows new better igloos catalog.


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


3 Responses

  1. Nice post!


  2. Serious? You have to buy the ninja suit?!?!

  3. Remember me from that little ninja party we had at your igloo and kaads and king cliffs igloo well PengiStarTar is banned forever he was my old penguin so you can delete him

    ~remember I was Naked lol ~Badly Rad~

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