Dojo Grand Opening Secrets

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has an awesome surprise! You can finally get the Ninja Costume on Monday, but for now let’s see what’s new at the Dojo!

First off, pick up some Geta Sandels underneath the red arch:


Next, the construction at the Dojo is complete:


Also, inside the Dojo there is a 5 minute countdown for a show. The show is a gong show and you can throw snowballs at the gong when it shows up and it will make noise:


Lastly, when you click on the “?” on your chat bar they have updated it by telling the server you are on, and you can also mute the music on Club Penguin:


Remember, on Monday the Ninja Training begins! Be sure to check here for the updates!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


13 Responses

  1. your really late! lol, but good post!

  2. cant wait for ninjas monday!!!

  3. Yeah, sorry had internet problems from yesterday to right now, but I am back! 😀

    -Bike Boy93

  4. comment back please!

  5. you rock!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Thanks! So do you and all my fans!

  6. Nice post man! I can’t wait for the ninja suit! Comment back on my site please. Thanks!

    – Chrisdog93

  7. Hi Bike Boy93 Im your buddy on Club Penguin Im kyledavis1! You rock! Keep up the good work on your blog!

  8. They ruied the dojo. Now you cant have thew partys you used to be able to have where there were no distractions or anything. Also so after 3 years the dojo is now having an opening i thought the opening was a while ago

  9. Hello I’m a new fan and this site rocks! ( It’s WAY better than mine.)

    See Ya,


  10. Hey Bike!
    Can you add me to your blogroll?
    I meet the requirements, and your also on my blogroll.
    Please add me as Mixturey & Edlu or Mix & Edlu


  11. Hey Bike. Nice Site.
    I cant wait til tomorrow!!!
    I’ll check back here tomorrow!

    You rule


  12. hey…
    its monday and i cant seem to find the cards.. can u help?

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