Club Penguin DS Update

Hey everyone!

A few days ago on Club Penguin’s blog they posted about the upcoming Club Penguin DS game called “Club Penguin: Elite Force.” Starting November 25th Club Penguin: Elite Force will be sold in stores throughout North America like Toys R Us, and other game stores.


If you want to learn more about the game itself, CLICK HERE! to watch to video.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


8 Responses

  1. Hey Bike. Can You Please Add Me? I Won The Contest Long Time Ago! I Want To Be Your Friend!

  2. heybike i am having a contest on my site and if you can enter it will be awsome

  3. you took me off so im not your buddie any more 😥

  4. Hello there! I own a very popular Club Penguin Fansite. It’s very popular because it has pictures of every Club Penguin Party, plus more! The link is If you could advertise it, that would be great, because I’m trying to get at least 100,000 hits by December 7th, when it turns a year old. Right now it has 87,976 hits and 17,995 different visitors. If you could advertise it or add the site to your blogroll, it would be appreciated.


  5. Bike, you have an awesome site, so please could you comment on the Funny pics page on my site in the sidebar, as you never have, it would be so great if you did.


  6. Since I noticed nuthing is about this game, i thought i say something. I really think Disney is going too far when it comes to marketing CP i think they should bring it own or CP is gonna get ruined.

  7. Hey, wanna add me to your site as author. I post very fast! +D

  8. Free item: Dojo courtyard, sandals. UPDATE: Clicking on the dojo will take you to the courtyard!

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