Ninjas WILL be coming

Hey everyone! With all of my intelligence of what is happening with the Dojo, and Ninja spotting’s all over the island of Club Penguin Ninjas will be coming!

First off the logo of the Dojo has changed on the map. Now, it shows a roof on the top of the Dojo:


Next, with the update of the roof on top of the Dojo. As you can see in the picture below, you will see that people have been working on digging out the snow for a week now and you can see part of a Japanese house, and to the left you will see a water fall. If you didn’t know Japanese is where Ninjas were created:


Now, for the Ninjas. There has been many spotting’s from penguins of Ninjas. The following is how you can find these Ninjas!

  • Click the “N” on the Night Club sign at the Town.
  • Wait inside the Dojo for 5 – 6 minutes, or longer. You will see some Ninjas. They will hold up a sign that says, “We don’t even exist!”
  • Wait on top of the Mountain for 30 minutes and a Ninja will come out.
  • While you are inside the Dojo on click the white screen on the left side of the Club Penguin screen and a Ninja will appear in the windows.
  • Go to the Dojo and click on all the light bulbs on the green line, and then click the “Wear a hardhat” sign and the Ninja poster will show up.

In other news….

My party was a blast! Thanks for everyone that came out for it! I just wanted to let everyone else know that did or didn’t make the party that I will be having another one very soon for reaching 200,000 hits so stay tuned! Here’s a picture from the party:


Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


6 Responses

  1. You gotta love how the inside of the Dojo is a square but the outside is that large extravagent building. And i don’t know if its me but the server isnt showing penguin names its showing Penguin with a random number at back

    Bike Boy93 Said: It’s just you. The problem is that you are on the Portuguese servers. Whenever you log on the Portuguese servers your penguin will have that with a bunch of numbers.

  2. cool i am in the pic hey bike please respond because i am having my 1 year site anniversary on November 23 can u make me a invention here is the info

    Date November 23

    sever Frozen

    Place marc978 igloo
    Time 12:00pm pst time

    please respond so i know or not if u will make the invention

    your frend


  3. hey you forgot to take a pic of the “Training Coming November 17th” sign (go to to see!)

  4. […] Ninjas will be coming to Club Penguin! Find out how this is possible, HERE! […]

  5. There is also a sign in the Dojo that says: Training Comming November 17

  6. theresss meee!!!

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