Bike Boy93’s Birthday Party Tracker

Hey everyone! Today I have planned to have my birthday party on Club Penguin with all my friends! With this post you will be able to check out where we are by refreshing the page.


If you don’t know when my party is and you want to go to it, here’s the invitation:


Here is the invitation in text if you can’t see what the writing in the picture says:

When: Sunday November 9, 2008.

Time: 6:00 PM Penguin Time.

Where: Server Tundra, at Dock

Why: Bike Boy93’s Birthday!

This party is going to be great! We will celebrate on Club Penguin by playing games such as Find 4, Sled Racing, Manacala and more! I will also film this party, so don’t forget to head on out to this party, and don’t miss it!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


16 Responses

  1. happy birthday bike

  2. 😮 😀 i can make it!!! my friends party ends at 2!!! 😀

  3. Happy birthday bike boy! I should be able to make it.

  4. its 12.00 pm and it still says not started yet


  5. I can’t make it
    it starts at 9 o clock my
    time and I will probably be watching

  6. I will make It Bike! Also, happy birthday! Will you be adding? xD
    ~ Pippy

    Bike Boy93 Said: Yes I will be adding 20 people.

  7. Cool! I Might Be Able To Come!

  8. Finnaly found your site Bike!
    I’ve been searching it for ages!
    And sure I’m going! 😉

  9. bike can u make me a party inventaion for my 1 year site annversy heres the info u need to know

    Date November 23

    Sever Frozen

    Time 12:00pm pst time

  10. yo bike its zap remember from your chat? and ur buddy list ya i’ll come is it 6:00 PENGUIN TIME? and happy bday yo is it yours or your penguins?

  11. bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to were throwing a bIG BIKE BOY BDAY BASH! =D

  12. ur party rocks bike 😀

  13. I missed it. DARNIT! I waited that long, and then, I went to get more Coin Codes. DUN DUN DUN!!!

  14. cool party!
    you have been nominated for doggikings cp choice awards. click my name! and see what your nominated for!

  15. NOOO!!! I MISSED IT! I Wanted To Add You On My Other Pengy Because My Other Pengy Had You As A Buddy. 😦

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