Bike Boy93’s Birthday Party

Hey everyone! Today is my birthday (November 4) and in honor of my birthday I will be having a party this Sunday on Club Penguin!

Here is the invitation about the party:


Here is the invitation in text if you can’t see what the writing in the picture says:

When: Sunday November 9, 2008.

Time: 1:45 PM Penguin Time.

Where: Server Tundra, at Dock

Why: Bike Boy93’s Birthday!

This party is going to be great! We will celebrate on Club Penguin by playing games such as Find 4, Sled Racing, Manacala and more! I will also film this party, so don’t forget to head on out to this party, and don’t miss it!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


17 Responses

  1. happy bday bike

  2. Sweet I’m There!Also Have A Happy Birthday Bike Boy 93!

  3. I Am Going To Put This Photo On My Site So People That Dont Know You(Barley No One Will Not Know You)
    Could Come And Join The Fun!

    ~Djmixer6 😛

  4. Dude Happy Birthday!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Bike Boy! I will do my best to be there at ur party! 😀 i’ve seen u lately but u haven’t said hi back or anything. it’s ok tho cuz i understand how ur busy.

  6. Happy B-day we gotta RSVP? lol

  7. Hey Bike, happy birthday! I meet the requirements can i be on your blogroll

  8. Dude My BirthDay Is November 2nd
    Can We Make Two Partys.
    Im 12.
    You Are In The 4th And I Am In The 2nd.Lol.Can We Make Two Partys plz plz plz plz plz.
    Happy BithDay

  9. Why the hell did u say obama sucks? whats your fricken problem kid?

  10. hi happy birthday…and when u keep parties in teh furutre can u keep them at 7 or 8 AM penguin time?!?! coz the time u have are always too late for me coz i live in europe…PLZZZ

  11. happy birthday bikeboy

  12. happy birthday bikeboy you rock

  13. good jod bikeboy

  14. happy bday bike!

    ill try to come!

  15. thats sweet! ill try to come! 😀

  16. 😦 i cant come im going to a bowling party 😦 what time does it end cuz my party ends at 2

  17. Sweet! Happy Birthday Bike! For A Birthday Wish you get to be on my blogroll for a day :).


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