Club Penguin Dojo Update & Map Update

Hey everyone! Today the Halloween party, and the storm has ended with a weird reaction. There is a update to the Club Penguin map and also the Dojo. Let’s check it out!

First off if you click the map when you are on Club Penguin you will see the graphics of all the rooms has changed, and also some of the locations such as the Dock and the Town on the map. They have moved a little to the left:

Next, for the Dojo. Over Club Penguin history there has been a lot due with ninjas at the Dojo. Well, today on Club Penguin there is a weird event happening at the Dojo.

When you are at the Dojo you can get a Hard Hat as a free item:

Now, when you’re inside the Dojo you will see a green platform leading out of the Dojo. Go on the green platform and exit out of the Dojo and you will be on top of the Dojo. Here Club Penguin seems to want you to wear your Hard Hat and work:

(Click to enlarge.)

Now, for the other weird part. You will see a mysterious penguin to the right of the room digging out snow. You can click on him and his player card will pop up. His name is “??????.” I think that he is digging away an avalanche that fell during the storm last week.

The other weird part of this is that he is dressed like an ancient Chinese guy. Also, the red bars are what Chinese houses are shaped like. What do you think is happening?!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


13 Responses

  1. lol Club Penguin got racist

  2. nice post bikeboy can u comment on my blog

  3. lol I think that soon were gonna hav a chinese party

  4. I am Chinese and I think that the structure is actully a Japanese thing, not Chinese. But he is dressed like a Chinese person.

  5. That chinese guy is actually the sensei. He is also known as the ninja leader or something. Chinese Guy…. Lol! Comment back at!

    I also met you on CP a few times but you didn’t add me.

    Coldy Guy

  6. does anyone know how to get the shovel the chinese guy has? I’ve seen lik 20 peeps wit it and they all just say “its old!” I mean is there some really secret cheat to become a ninja or something? Arg please tell me!

    Bike Boy93 Said: To get the shovel you had to have got it at the Christmas party last year.

  7. hey its me tigerman08 your friend!
    well i was wondering if you want to join
    our newest club wpg (WorldPenguinGang)
    if you do ill make a forum called wpg
    and we can make parties and all that stuff
    please tell me what you think by commenting me
    back on my cp blog
    Your friend ~tigerman08~

  8. Cool Post!

    Can you please vist my site? Its here:
    and please comment.

    Please add me to your blogroll if you can.

    Agent Chase

  9. Coool, but the chinesguy isnt an actual penguin cuase he doesn’t have an ID number


  10. Just some things. Yeah that looks like a japanese Shinto Shrine. The person looks like he is wearing what vietnamese wud wear. and do you know where to get the blue book people have in there hands? Also the shovel and the red mining hat.

    Oh BTW the devils are much better then sabres

    Bike Boy93 Said: To get the book you must buy a Club Penguin book in real life. To get the shovel you had to have got it at the Christmas party last year, and as of the red mining helmet you had to have tested the servers last year.

  11. I think they changing the looks of the dojo to be chinese themed instead of plain brown colored.

  12. And did anyone else notice that the ?????? penguin is colored…grey?

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