Club Penguin – Unlock Items Online!

Hey everyone! With the arrival of the 3rd year anniversary party yesterday, the toys have also came out! If you decide to purchase a toy or a book you will get a code on the back of the coins to unlock a secret item online when you are on Club Penguin!

Here is how to unlock an item for your online account:

1. Go onto

2. Click the icon up on the top right corner that says “Unlock Items Online!”

3. Once you have clicked that it will direct you to a page to chose an account you want the secret item for. In this case I would chose my main penguin Bike Boy93:

4. Log into the penguin that you have chosen. Now, if you have bought a book select the “I have a book” tab, or if you have a code select “I have a code” tab:

5. Once you have entered the right code or word you will be directed to the Treasure Book.

6. You are allowed a certain amount of items to chose with these codes. All items in the “Treasure Book” are all the items you can purchase so far.

If you want to check out the Treasure Book, CLICK HERE!

If you need help with cheats to find the new party hats, ice cream apron, and pin, CLICK HERE!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


35 Responses

  1. i love the way you set out the screen !!!!!!WOW!!!!!!

  2. super

  3. Cool!
    Sorry if im spamming!

    Please vist my site and comment,

    Agent Chase

  4. hey i play cp too but can u tell me all the codes if u know because i keep looking for codes online because i cant go too any store right now soo tell me plz.


  6. hey bike if you havent got the book heres some codes for rockhoppers book Hey Guys! I found out a few codes for Rockhopper’s Stow Away. The answers are. Page 21: Migrator Page 101: donated Page 25: yarr. They do work.


  7. Rasnail no offense but I reloaded like a billion times but it doesn’t have those pages…

  8. Your invited to AM launch party!
    Check out the time and date here 🙂
    ~Stran and Trains

  9. yes it does

  10. ok i got a qestion do you have to bye the cp toys to get some pass wors pscan you be my buddy agin plz?

  11. dude rasnail they dont work

  12. Yes they do

  13. nice site

  14. What is the certain amount of items you get 2?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Right now there are 61 items available in the Treasure Book.

  15. waht the coe then….


  17. PPL do u have to be a member to get that? and also WHAT IS THE FREAKIN CODE?????!!!!!

  18. Hey Bike Boy 93. I was just wondering that how many things do you get to unlock with one coin code???

    P.S I know a cheat that if you hold down D on your key board with a proppeler hat you will float in mid air !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    You get to unlock two items from the Treasure Book per coin.

  19. Hey ppl heres how to slap on club penguin:wave and then press W rapidly and fastly TRUST ME IT WORKS IM NOT LYING Also Merry Christmas 2 u also WHATS THE CODE? I DONT WANT A WEIRD PLUSH THING I WANT A CODE

  20. I want a code of ” i have a code” plis

  21. THIS IS A GAY webesite !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. yt dsont u rit about the cods u dum ass !!!!!!!

  23. DUDES CHILL OUT!!! its just a game clubpenguin is the gayest game ever i dont even play it anymore its for like little kid that r like 4 years old get a hold of your selves you obviously have no lives so yea im 14 and i would know so yeathis is gay and you guys need to grow up!! lolz its soo funny the way you guys talk!!

  24. Yeah, it’s a game that’s homosexual oriented with penguins wanking their dicks at eachother. PS I was being sarcastic and the game’s not as gay as Runescape and WoW. And by gay in the last sentence I meant fag oriented.

  25. yo cmon! tell us the code 4 the special items from the tressure book!!!! this is jank. plz tell us!!

  26. watch ur language lol

  27. Watch ur language or u get reported!lol

  28. this was awesome dud keep up the good work

  29. yo wtf dude rock on


  31. i need to put the clubpenguin code….

  32. I NEED to know a code please

  33. can you make like a contest for penguins who ever wins get a coin code:)

  34. coooooooool site! To learn more go to…http://club penguin-cheats & secrets/

  35. I got a coin code!Here it is.


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