Club Penguin 3rd Year Anniversary Cheats

Hey everyone! Today Club Penguin has turned 3 years old! Come on out and join the fun party today from 12 PM (Penguin Time) to 3 PM (Penguin Time) watching the party on Club Penguin LIVE from Times Square! You will see me during that time on Frozen!

The new 3rd Anniversary Hats are located in the Coffee Shop. Click on the red button on the fan to blow the cake off. Then the party hats will be revealed:

The Blue Ice Cream Apron is also available for all players at the Coffee Shop. Walk over the apron by the desk:

The newest pin is an Anniversary Cake pin which is located on the table in the Dance Lounge:

You can check out all the yearbooks! They have them all out in a stand from 05-06, 07-08, and 07-06. I can’t believe how fast years go by!

You can no longer watch live from Times Square, New York. It was an awesome experience just from watching it! 

Here is a poll I made where you can vote which party hat you like the best!

Hope to see you from 12-3 PM Penguin Time at the party at the Town on Frozen!

~Bike Boy93~


15 Responses

  1. thanks! I really needed help on the party hat!

  2. Sup. I got selected to go to Times Square! WOOT! Plus I am bringing my laptop with me!

  3. hey bike sweet post!
    it really helped me to find the pin! (well acutally i just followed u cuz it said u were up there and i saw it) but thanks!

  4. Hey Bike, will u be adding people?

  5. Hey Bike any idea where the screen to watch the party in times square is? Only problem with this party is they only decorated 2 building and the town. I want to see a big birthday party!

    Bike Boy93 Said: You can watch live from Times Square, New York by pressing the “WATCH LIVE!” button on the top tab when you are on

  6. Nice post!

    Comment back!


  7. grr im so mad someone repoted me

  8. nice post plz comment on some of my post at

  9. sweet post


  10. hey!i am plesentos118
    Which party did you enjoy for this year?
    i have poll on my site

  11. […] If you need help with cheats to find the new party hats, ice cream apron, and pin, CLICK HERE! […]

  12. I like the new CSS bike!

    Comment back please.


  13. good cheats the hats rock!

  14. it rocks the cheats are so cool and they WORK!
    I am not a member and i have clothing!

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