Club Penguin Times Issue #157

Hey everyone! Today the new newspaper has come out on Club Penguin! It talks about the 3rd year anniversary, the eclipse not happening for the Halloween party, and a Halloween igloo decorating contest!

As we get closer to the end of November we get closer to October 24. Starting that date, will be Club Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary Party. Club Penguin is planned to be decorating more then one room this year. You will be getting free party hats, celebrate with the arrival of Captain Rockhopper, and also be able to check out the new yearbook in the Book Room.

Eclipse not happening for the Halloween party? Let’s find out! Gary has checked his astronomical equipment , and Gary does not believe there will be a n eclipse this year. This means  will this Halloween be sunny  or well some other surprise happen! We will have to wait and see!

Starting October 17-26 you will be able to spook your igloo up! There will be a Halloween igloo decorating contest starting tomorrow October 17-26. 40 penguins will win this contest total. The prizes are the first 20 penguins will be featured in the newspaper October 23 and the second 20 winners will be featured in the news paper October 30. Grand prize winners will have there igloos shown in the newspaper and a total of 25,000 coins won! The runners up will have there names in the paper with a total of 15,000 coins won!

Upcoming Events:

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


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