Want my model airplane sets?

Hey everyone! It’s Bike Boy93 here! I am posting here because I am currently selling 3 brand new air plane sets on ebay!

If you are interested into buying this item on ebay and you have the amount of money and have asked you parents your self, CLICK HERE!

  • This item includes 3 model plane sets.
  • It has never been opened up before.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


13 Responses

  1. What do you guys think about this? Is anyone interested? Like always I love to hear your opinions!

    -Bike Boy93

  2. like i said on aim i would but i don’t got the money

  3. lol ill pass
    and someone deleted trens blog
    and he is banned forever!
    so that just sucks

  4. umm… I’ll stick with Club Penguin…

    GO SOX!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Bikeboy, how did you do that fire and lightning backgroung? Please teach me. It’s cool. 😮
    ~ Lander 101 8) ~

  7. also bike how do you make your backgronds please answer me i really want to make one

  8. lol bike ur not getting that much luck

  9. Hey bikeboy93!
    its me Akon Homie,
    i accept to be in your Productions.
    ~Akon Homie

  10. Woah the F-14! Nice pick Bike 😉

  11. hey bike nice header and css its all most time for your next party lol keep up the good work!
    your friend Rasnail78

  12. vuxkoyninjdfsoanuiiabgmaqeanzn

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