Club Penguin Times Issue #156

Hey everyone! Today the new newspaper has came out on Club Penguin! It talks about the upcoming Halloween party and also the new stage coming tomorrow!

Start collecting all of the spooky costumes in the October clothing catalog and get ready to wear them for use! Starting October 29-November 2 will be the Halloween party! Get ready for some fantastic spooks with some laughs! I really hope they extend this party because my birthday is November 4th! Also, there will be a Halloween igloo contest coming soon.

Get your space suites ready again and enter the stage on October 10 which is tomorrow! Stage Adventure Planet Y will be returning to the Club Penguin stage for penguins that are new or for penguins that forget to collect other items in the stage catalog.

Upcoming Events:

1. October 10:

  • Space Adventure Planet Y at the Stage.
  • New Pin Hidden.

2. October 17:

  • Halloween Igloo Catalog.
  • Halloween Igloo Decoration Contest.

3. October 24:

  • Club Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary!

In other news…

If you guys are still having trouble beating the new Mission 9 I have made a video tutorial and a written tutorial on how to beat it. CLICK HERE, to go to it.Waddle On!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


6 Responses

  1. i saw you in frozen well your really funnt lol

  2. lol u wrote “Stage Adventure Planet Y” lol
    cani join ur blogroll? this is my site:
    please please please please please…

  3. bike sad news tren is banned forever 😦
    so if u have any member peng that u dont use could u give it to him?

  4. bike is that ok if i used your post i put under the post I got this post from BIke Boy93 at

    is that ok if i used your post?

  5. hey bike this is weird, i just logged on to CP and i have this postcard from G and its in secret agent code. u better see if u have the same note.

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