Mission 9 Operation Spy & Seek Cheats

Hey everyone! The mission came out on Club Penguin! It is called Operation: Spy & Seek! Let’s check it out!

I have made a video tutorial for Mission 9:

The new mission 9, Spy & Seek, is here! Here are the cheats written down:

Club Penguin Mission 9 Spy & Seek Tutorial

1. Start talking to Gary. Put the 3 tracking devices on the desk, the yellow duck, and the blue print on the wall all into your inventory.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge from your map. Collect all the Find Four pieces. They are on the window seal, the stool under the phone, and under the ladder.

3. Go up the ladder to the Lodge Attic. Pick up the Find Four pieces up in the Lodge Attic by the bricks, on the typewriter, on the table beside the phonograph, on the box, and on the box in the corner.

4. Pick up the small string on the rug.

5. Go downstairs and talk to the penguins playing Find Four. Give them the pieces.

6. Go to the Forest using your map and pick up the branches.

7. Put the branches, the blue print, and the string together inside your inventory to make a kite. Put the kite on a transmitter.

8. Go to the Mountain using the map. You now will have to put up the kite with the transmitter on the pole.

9. Go to the Plaza using the map, and talk to the two penguins. After the puffle blows the bubble gum, click the gum wad stuck between the penguins. Collect the bubble gum and put it on the yellow duck in your inventory.

10. Go to the Dock using the map, and help the penguin start the boat by pulling the brown start handle using your mouse. Then borrow the penguin’s Air Pump.

11. Put the Air pump on the duck in your inventory. Then take the duck and Air pump combination out you use your mouse with an upward and downward motion to inflate the duck.

12. Go to the Ice Berg using the map, and put one of the 3 transmitters combining it with the duck in your inventory. Now, set the duck on the water.

13. Go to the Mine Shack using the map. Talk to the penguin working on the Mine Shack.

13. Click and drag the wooden boards, making sure when you are done the metal beam is leaning on the left side.

14. Click twice on the cart surfer cart that is tipped over and weld the cracks on the cart by holding down a click dragging your mouse along the cracks.

15. Place the transmitter in the cart when it is finished welded. Click in the Mine door for the cart to go.

16. Answer your spy phone and talk to Gary. Go to the HQ and take the Binocular 3000 from Gary.

14. Go to the Ski Village, then go inside the Ski Lodge using the map. Click on the Gone Fishing door.

Go right using the arrows. Look through your binoculars.

16. Go to the HQ using the spyphone and talk to Gary.

17. Go back to Herbert’s camp and combine the spyphone with the binoculars.

18. Put the spyphone-binocular in the third tree on the left.

19. Go to the HQ. Watch Herbert and Klutzy on the screen.

20. Collect your medal and you will get your treats.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


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    Bike Boy93 Said: The best advice I can give you is either make sure you make a back up now in case the banning still continues into a forever ban, or #1 change your password!

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  7. tren nvm about me givin u my penguin

    hes my back up penguin when me and y gets unbbaned

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  11. thank you so much for the cheats on this website.
    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. […] beating the new Mission 9 I have made a video tutorial and a written tutorial on how to beat it. CLICK HERE, to go to it. Waddle On!   ~Bike […]

  17. ong sweet im one of the first 50 people to complet the misson

  18. i have completed every single mission it is so cool but i am so bored on club penguin now there is nothing to do i done al the missions in 1 week i want to do another mission!!!
    will they give us all more missions to complete???
    p.s. please tell me and thank you so much for the cheats

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    Every 1 to 2 months Club Penguin will release a new mission, so with that being said the new mission next will be Mission 10.



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