Club Penguin Times Issue #155

Hey everyone! Today the new newspaper has come out on Club Penguin! It talks about the Fall Fair so far and also, Fall Fair fashion!

The Fall Fair Party is awesome! With loads of games and decorations all over the island! Those who have collected everything from the Ticket Booth might want to take another look! There is plenty of decorations all over the island so don’t forget to check each room!

Rory the secret agent said that he heard a lot of penguins like the Fall Fair items and that he has a great idea to use them for something else!

On October 24 Club Penguin will be turning 3 years old! It is their third year in business! Another cool tip is now you will have 2 days to purchase the party hat instead of just one day like they had last year.

Upcoming Events:

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


12 Responses

  1. cool post bike!
    do you mind if i copy it?
    ill give you credit

  2. Nice post!!!

  3. cool site! 😀 Check mine out too!

  4. cool post, i found a mission cheat in this weeks newspaper, plz visit my site to see it!

  5. hey bike the new wod find in the newspaper has a secret.
    in the right bottom corner it says psa
    circle psa and g gives you a message!
    u can post that! (u can give me credit if you do) (but you dont have to )

    4:48 PM EST Bike Boy93 Said: Thanks for pointing that out! I’m not going to post that because it’s not really that important right now but I will post about what this message leads to in the future!

  6. bike can i ask you something?
    how do you make the sidebar go to your chat?
    i want to do that
    except with my youtube

    6:00 PM EST Bike Boy93 Said:
    It is sort of hard to explain but if you comment on this post what you want in the picture, what you want the text to say, and the particular colors I will make one for you! 😀

  7. Hey Bike Boy and the rest of you! I am having my first 240 hits party! Plz come to my site for more details! heres the link: plz come to my party! 🙂

  8. ok I got it now bike you dont have to awnser my question

  9. can you make me one please

  10. ok!
    ill do it!
    but tommorow because that is when i get my newlook

  11. Did anyone notice that agent and hq are also hidden in the newspaper? Nothing happens when you click on it is just thought it was interesting.

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