Halloween Costumes Coming Friday & New Prizes!

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to go on Club Penguin Friday, October 3rd because Halloween costumes will be available at the Gift Shop! A few favorites will also be returning! Also, wigs that will be Halloween themed like the one down below will also be available on Friday in the Wig Catalog!

Here’s a wig you are going to see in the Wig Catalog on Friday:

Also, Club Penguin added 3 new items you can purchase at the Fall Fair Prize Booth at the Forest:

In other news…

Early next week on Club Penguin, the new mission will come out available to play at the HQ! Club Penguin has been working really hard to make this mission fun! If you’re already a Secret Agent make sure you read tomorrow’s newspaper! There will be something special for agents! Also, catch up on uncompleted missions you haven’t played yet in the HQ!

Question of the Day!

What few Halloween items do you think will be returning in the Clothing Catalog on Friday?

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


7 Responses

  1. Yay first comment! Oh and by the way the new prizes came out if you want to post that

    Bike Boy93 Said: Thanks for the update!

  2. yay i wanna costume

  3. i bet they have all the old costumes plus like 1 new one. which will probably be another princess costume or something

    Bike Boy93 Said:
    I hope not!

  4. cool post

  5. The Ghost Costume will be returning im sure of.


  6. Hey Bikeboy.

    To make an email. go to upgrades. then domains. There should be a thing that says “goggle apps” click that and sign up on that site and you have a domain email. If you need more help ask me again. I’m sorta in a hurry cuz i gotta leave right now.

    comment on either or my sites.

  7. Bikeboy93 c0oL site man 🙂

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