Club Penguin Sneak Peek

Hey everyone! A cool secret has gotten out around the world on Club Penguin about this mysterious page we all found. Click on the URL below this paragraph and you will be directed to a flash web page of some sort of surprise. The light blue penguin on the bottom left will tell you to use your mouse/cursor to brush off all of the frost.

Here is what it looks like without most of the frost:

Another mysterious thing about this sneak peak is that it says at the bottom “Arriving October 24th” which is Club Penguin’s birthday. So far it is very unclear of what this big mystery will be. In my opinion it looks like a front row of penguins standing next to each other holding up bags, but I can’t really tell what’s in the back.

Question of the day!

What do you think this mysterious picture is about?

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


10 Responses

  1. Hey guys! What do you think this mysterious picture is about?!

    -Bike Boy93

  2. bike!
    i already know what its about!
    my friend told me.
    it is thecountdown to cps anaversary and its the release of the new plush toys! the shadows are the toys

  3. p.s. im only 90% sure im right.
    thanks for picking my drawing!
    ur an inspiration!n 😀

    Bike Boy93 Said:

  4. No the plush toys are released on the 10th. So they can’t get released on 24th. Im hoping that those plush toys we might be able to get plush toys to put in our inventory for clubpenguin anaversry! Thats what I think.
    ~Gasnier 11

  5. i herd about the push toys when u by them there will be a secret code on them and you enter the code on cp and you will get somthing

  6. ya i wish i could buy all the plush toys!
    but im too old for them

  7. that is when the plush toys are coming out, i cant wait

  8. well i know the plush toys are being relesaed than, but i was saying its the cp anaversary and the background is the shadow of the plush toys.
    hey bike did u see the party review vid for trens party?
    its on his site! check it out

  9. I Know Its The Plush Toys Because (please allow the link) New Info erase a little and you see plush toys

  10. Ps i saw you on cp and also Nickname1 was there remember Date September 29th

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