Club Penguin Fall Fair 2008 Cheats

Hey everyone! The long awaited Fall Fair has finally arrived! Let’s check it out!

The new pin is a lollipop located at the Light House:

To get prizes from the prize booth you have to use tickets. Tickets are just like coins except with these tickets if you log off Club Penguin while you are earning the tickets they will be deleted and you will have 0 tickets when you log back on. This year, the prize booth is in the Forest. To get prizes you will have to play the Fall Fair Mini Games. Their are 8 games which are down below:

Grab & Spin : Located at the room: Dock
Ring the Bell: Located at the room: Dock
Memory Game: Located at the room: Beach
Puffle Shuffle: Located at the room: Forest
Feed a Puffle: Located at the room: Cove
Puffle Paddle: Located at the room: Snow Forts
Balloon Pop: Located at the room: Arcade Circle (Party room)
Puffle Soaker: Located at the room: Arcade Circle (Party room)

If you aren’t a member you can not go into the Arcade Circle. It is disappointing if you aren’t because they have some cool member items there that you can purchase like the giant yellow sunglasses, teddy bear, and also a candy apple.

Once you are satisfied with your amount of tickets from the mini games you can either go to the Forest prize booth, or the Arcade Circle where they have a (member only) prize booth. To access the Arcade Circle go to the Snow Forts then to the left of the Clock Tower you will see a pathway which you will have to follow that leads into the Arcade Circle.

Here are the items you can get in the Forest, and also in the Arcade Circle:

Prize Booth – Forest

Feathered Tiara: 1200 tickets
Lollipop Candy: 1000 tickets
Giant Green Sunglasses: 1000 tickets
Yellow Balloon Pin: 100 tickets

Members Prize Booth – Arcade Circle

Giant Yellow Sunglasses: 1000 tickets
Teddy Bear: 2000 tickets
Candy Apple: 800 tickets

That’s not all! If you check the prize booth at the Forest it says more prizes to come! I will update the site as soon as possible when they come out!

Here is what the Arcade Circle looks like: (Click to enlarge.)

What’s you favorite room? Mines the Ice Berg!

Also, it is the last day to join my Club Penguin Art Contest! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


16 Responses

  1. wow nice! mike u r soo cool!!!!

  2. Wow what an awesome party!! What’s your favorite room? Mine is the Ice Berg! 😀

    -Bike Boy93

  3. waaaaa club penguin wont load i waited an hour for an empty server to load

  4. Mine is the Iceberg Too!..Well can you add me!!!…I should have never let my sister play on my account!!!

  5. hey bikeboy it would be soooooooooooo cool if u came to me and my friend’s site. Its called http://www.cpplaceforglitches.wordpress.
    com. its sweet if u can if u cant then its cool. cya

  6. mines the pool and the iceberg lol 😉 😀

  7. ya bike what was the link to the party invitation cause i forgot

  8. nvm bike i got it

  9. my party is starting go to my site!

  10. bike for that vid u did with cabluey about the iceland cove what song did u use?

  11. hi bikeboy, nice post on the fall fair! my favourite rooms the iceberg too, i think its everyones favourite room. the dojos so boring compared to the iceberg!
    im here to ask you if you and your friends would sign our page at to help rare club penguin items stay rare. please put your name in a comment! were hoping to reach 100 people (in time…!) and we hope you can help us keep everyone’s rare items rare.

    – zeb & wigs
    PS, if you have anything you would like us to sign or have a look at, we’d be happy to do it in return.

  12. if you want to go to my website about cheats and tricks you can go by using google.

    1-go to google search box and type ameeron cheats

    2-choose the first result and you will be in my website

  13. Hey Bike, I found a cheat at about 7:30 AM on September 26. If I click on the balloons in the members room, and put my mouse in the top left corner of the sky and keep moving it right until my mouse changes, then I can get on the trampoline! If you click the balloons again, most likely you will end up in the corner of the trampoline.

  14. Oh yeah, put this on your site and make sure to leave credits to me!

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