Club Penguin Art Contest!

Hey guys, sorry I have been really busy lately with school but finally I will be holding a contest! This contest will start today (September 21) and end (September 27)

What is the contest?

This contest will be with creation and artistic skill. You don’t need to have the best art in the world but it will help! This contest is going to be on drawing a penguin, or puffle on Club Penguin. Whoever is the best will win and be posted on my site and also if you are the winner and you have a website it will be posted also!

Here is the stuff you can draw for the contest!

How do I (enter/win?)

To enter this contest you will have to either take a picture with your camera and upload it onto your computer, do it in the program “Paint” on all microsoft in accessories, or scan the paper into a paper scanner to upload onto your computer. Once you have done one of those options simply go to and upload it on there. Once done uploaded it you will see some links. Click the “Direct Link For Layouts” and the site will automatically copy it for you. Once done, simply go to my site and paste the link into my comment box and post it on the contest post! How do you win? Simply try your hardest and drawing with your best work as possible and you could win!

What do I win?

You get to be posted up on the site (with your art), and also get to be my friend on Club Penguin forever!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


38 Responses

  1. If I win, my penguin’s name is I Rok Dude and my site is O hope I win!

    ~I Rok Dude

  2. Cool! I’m entering.

    I really don’t know how many entries we can give so I will give 2. If its just 1 entry, pick my first link please.

    Thanks, Bike Boy93!
    -Flareon 95

  3. i am going to do it…. do we HAVE to do THOSE peguins

  4. Yeah do we have to? Or can we draw our own design of penguin’s?

  5. Nope, you can do stuff different.

    -Bike Boy93

  6. i upoded on club penguin and they did check it my bro show me how

  7. last one is wrong is this

  8. Cool site! Check out mine Nice post by the way!

  9. I have already entered my entry, which is a few comments above.

    If we win what do we get?

  10. You get to be posted up on the site (with your art), and also get to be my friend on Club Penguin forever!

    -Bike Boy93

  11. mine pretty flippin cool

  12. i suck at drawing so i cant enter but doggiking is like an artist

  13. Hi! I made another one! I hope I win!
    Here’s the link:

    ~I Rok Dude

  14. whos winnin rite nOW

  15. Wow everyones pics are cool!
    Cool Site Bike!
    Keep it up man =]

  16. […] Speaking of art! My Club Penguin Art contest is still going on. So far we’ve had some great artists so far and maybe you can be the next! To enter this contest, CLICK HERE! […]

  17. Wow i cant beat any of u i suck at drawing
    really cool contest tho
    really love your site
    comment back

  18. Awsome! I love Club Penguin!

    -Cube Runner-

  19. Wow! You guys are doing better than me! Keep going forward!

  20. ya tren i am an artist!
    oh bike?
    can we drw it on paint?
    cuz in good at that
    and my didgital camra is acting funny too.

  21. […] Also, my Club Penguin Art Contest will be ending on Saturday September 27 so if you still want to join, CLICK HERE! […]

  22. Wait auctlly this one
    that 1 is my very first 1, I got the wrong one.

  23. […] Comments rasnail78 on Club Penguin Times Issue …strancp on Club Penguin Art Contest!strancp on Club Penguin Art Contest!doggiking on Club Penguin Art Contest!marc978 on Club […]

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  26. oops sorry here they are:


  27. I have my draw of my penguin but I don’t know how to upload it…

  28. p.s. bike the pic i drew is you! 😀

  29. Cool website, come to my website at
    for fun, glitches, codes, hints, parties and most of all FUN!

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