Fall Fair Sneak Peek

Hey guys! Many of you heard that Club Penguin was going to post a sneak peek about the up coming fall fair. Well, they did! To me it looks like confetti falling in the sky, and also the play balls.

The Fall Fair party is right around the corner, coming to Club Penguin September 26. It will have the same cool stuff as last year such as the games (I am guessing) and also other cool surprises!

Try to make some guesses in the comments! I love to hear what you think!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


9 Responses

  1. we gotta meet on cp sometime how bout doggikings party?

  2. Cool

  3. Hola Bike nice post!
    Im ur buddy on cp.
    Go to my site and comment.
    Whats the program u use for pic editing?

  4. Very Awesome CSS.

  5. by the ball it look like giant ice cream 😀 yummy

  6. oops i mean confetti

  7. Yay a fair! I wanted this since i missed the other 1! Come post on my site, Radio13579.wordpress.com!

  8. the left pic is cotton candy and the right might be marbles or little candies

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