Club Penguin Times Issue #151

Hey guys! Today the new newspaper has came out on Club Penguin. It talks about the new stage coming tomorrow and also, the new clothing & wig catalogs coming tomorrow.

Tomorrow, make sure you grab all your construction gear and head on out to the Stage tomorrow September 5. People are not sure what is being built but it sounds like it will take longer to be put up then regular stages. Check the newspaper next week for more details.

On Club Penguin tomorrow, they are decorating in a different fashion! Tomorrow September 5 along with the new stage, there will be a new clothing & wig catalog based on the theme prep. Save your coins now and get ready to dress fancy!

Upcoming Events:

1. September 5:

  • New Clothing & Wig Catalog.

2.  September 12:

  • New Pin Hidden.
  • New Stage.

3. September 19:

  • New Igloo Catalog.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


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  1. my pass is
    baseball guy


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