Club Penguin Times Issue #150

Hey guys! The new newspaper is out on Club Penguin! It’s there 150th issue! It talks about the penguin games ceremonies and also about Club Penguin’s 150th issue!

The past couple of days was one of the great lives on Club Penguin for athletes. A bunch of penguins had received medals for there accomplishments! Great job for all your hard work and effort with the Penguin Games!

Today is Club Penguin’s 150th newspaper! Boy, has the newspapers changed and improved! Great job Club Penguin and keep on delivering your news!

Upcoming Events:

1. August 29:

  • New Furniture Catalog.
  • New Pin Hidden.

2. September 5:

  • New Clothing Catalog.
  • New Big Wigs Catalog.

3. September 12:

  • New Stage.

In other news….

My new video is out by Pitbull with the song Move Shake Drop! Double click the video to comment, rate, and subscribe! Hope you enjoy! 😀

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


9 Responses

  1. Hey everyone! What do you think about my new video? I love to here your opinion!

    ~Bike Boy93~

  2. Nice post!

  3. Nice Post & Video!

  4. Awesome post!
    i talked to u in im
    Awesome css
    Love the video
    Thanx for comment 🙂

  5. Nice video.

    I’ve realized that me and you are always the first to post the newspaper. Pretty cool, huh?

  6. hey bike i wold like to work with u and advertise about your site and sometimes post the blog when you are busy please respond bye

  7. Hi its robcp1 again
    Im adding you to my blogroll since i took somone off and your a great friend even if i dont nkow you that much lol i dont get that many hits but im still adding you
    I wanna add you
    but since your full i might do it at a party or something that you delete well
    just thought u wanted to know 😉
    cya later

  8. awesome vid dude i luv tat song 😉

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