Furniture Sneak Peek

Hey guys! Fall’s Club Penguin Furniture catalog is coming right around the corner with some cool stuff! Make sure you start playing games such as “Cart Surfer” and start saving your coins for this catalog!

Here is a sneak peek Billybob made. What do you think it is?

Also, The soccer stadium is also going to be here for awhile! If you are a big fan of soccer like many Europeans this is cool for you guys! It is also cool to have something new like that because having hockey after awhile is quite boring!

In other news…

My new music video should be uploaded tonight. I will post it with my newspaper post if it is done by tonight so come back to check that out!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


5 Responses

  1. Nice post. Looks like it could be the return of the coffee furniture, and school desks from 2006…*sigh* more old items being released *sigh*

    Nice post!


  2. i think its the coffee shop thingy 😀

  3. i mean stuff from the coffee shop 😀

  4. cool thanks for the sneak peek bike boy.

  5. hey can you be my freind im friends with marc978

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