Headershop Page Closed

Hey guys. Today I am so busy from school in 8 days which causes me to not make the headers in my headershop page. I am sorry for this but I am closing it down. I do not want the headershop page to interfere with my school work. Sorry guys 😦

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


12 Responses

  1. I am sorry guys, there will be so many other treats coming to this site such as more contests soon!

  2. Hi Bike boy93! Its xrayblaze67 your buddy dont you remember?
    Ok i have a question what program do you use to make header? please comment back and tell if you cant tell its ok i will figure it out myself.Also go to my site and comment please, heres the link

    ~Xrayblaze67~ plz comment 🙂

  3. (sighs)
    man Bikeboy93
    i really needed you there
    but school interferes i hat that but i can keep up with my blog and school but i need workers new ones so i will have a resimae sign in
    and e-mails will be sent to me

  4. read this post to get info about contest winners you may have won!!

  5. thats ok bike i got school too.
    i understand.
    but im not sure if ur in middle school like me but still.
    i get it!
    its ok. schol before clubpenguin…

  6. aww oh well but go to my site for a new glitch

  7. its ok bike you got a handful anyways.

  8. its ok bike but maby one day during your school vacation you can open it up just for school break and stuff

  9. hey dude nice site it rox my sox please comment back on http://cpeventer.wordpress.com/

  10. I know how ya feel school interferes with my site im only on in the evenings
    8th Grade is hard I have so much homework and stuff its crazy
    Nice CSS its Awesome
    Check out my site i have CSS
    Well cya later!
    comment back on mine if u have time

  11. Dang, I know how school is.

  12. hey robcp1 im going into 8th grade too. ugh it sucks. school should be like…outlawed. if im ever president (lol) ill mkae sure it is. :/ also if anyone wants a header,sidebar design, avatar, or any other graphic design visit my site

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