Club Penguin Times Issue #148

Hey everyone the new newspaper is out on Club Penguin! It mainly talks about the penguin games August 22 and also a Ship Igloo tomorrow!

Penguin athletes all over the island have been pumped for a huge sporting event going on August 22. Coming August 22 will be loads of fun with athletes all over Club Penguin going for the medals! Don’t forget to check this out!

Club Penguin is having a new igloo come out tomorrow August 15! Come out and check the igloo catalog and get to check the new ship igloo and get to be a pirate your self like Rockhopper!

Upcoming Events:

1. August 15:

  • New Igloo Upgrades.
  • New Snow and Sports Catalog.

2. August 22-26:

  • Penguin Games.

3. August 29:

  • New Furniture Catalog.

4. September 5:

  • New Clothing Catalog.
  • New Wig Catalog.

Also, I have been getting so many requests from fans to open up a header shop so I finally did! CLICK HERE to see!

    Waddle On!

    ~Bike Boy93~


    15 Responses

    1. awesome post bike!

    2. you forgot the pin, like i said on the other post, can you give cred to me, and a link to my site…if you want

    3. awsome post keep the good work up


    4. I read a simliar post just the other day by Sandra Kosineck but yours is much better.

    5. Awesome Bike! Lemme go check out the Header Shop! And cant wait for the new igloo design to come!


    6. hey bike! can u come to my 75,000 hits party? check the details on my site!

    7. REMINDER:

    8. awesome comment back ive only gotten like 5 comments from pople as awesome as you 😉

    9. HEY!
      Can I Be On Your BlogRoll?

    10. please add to your blog roll fills requirements

    11. opps you changed it nvm. 😡

    12. hey Bike Boy, nice post. i have a question, what do u use to make your party invitations? i need to make an invitation soon. plz comment back on my blog, comment back as soon as possible plz

    13. bike is back i saw him now on server frozen

    14. hey its Eringirly and I’m luvin ur site!
      I’m really sorry about our past relationship=( REALLY SORRY! i hope we can b friends again!=) i try being ur buddy like millions of times but, u always delete me!D=
      well good luk with the site!=D

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