How to get characters on your Club Penguin name!

Hey everyone! I have discovered a fun way to put characters in your name! It looks really cool! Some have you may have seen penguins with characters in their names, well heres how to do it!

When logging into Club Penguin, instead of typing in your penguin account name you would type it in with weird characters. For example, instead of me typing in Bike Boy93 I could type in Bikè Bòy93 and it would look like that in the game!

Here are some cool characters you can use for you penguin names!

a: à ,ã
c: č, ĉ
n: ń, ň
i: ǐ, ĩ
o: ó, ô,

There are so much more to use! For windows there is a 5 second easy process on how to get these characters! Go to your start menu then run, then type in “charmap.” This program has a ton of characters so have fun!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


9 Responses

  1. Awesome!! I am beginning to like this cheat alot!Rock on Bikeboy! Hope to see ya soon!


  2. Holla!

    I was wondering if you could comment on my new CSS. I have been messing about with it for a while and I think i have finally made it good enough. Lol.



  3. Nice post
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    Its going to be alot of fun

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  4. but it deosnt work for me!!!

  5. Not all the letters in charmap work unfortunatly

    Bike Boy93 Said: Yes, only some. I suggest the ones with ~, ^, / on top of the letters.

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  7. wow cool..can meet u on clubpenguin some time?

  8. it dosent work anymore

  9. Don’t use this cheat cause mohd222’s site updated and said u may get banned forever or 72 hours!

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