100,000 Hits Party Invitation!

Hey everyone! I can not believe we are already at 100,000 hits! Just 2 weeks ago I had my 85,000 hits party and now it’s time to have another party! WOO! Anyways, I can not tell you how happy I am for reaching 100,000 hits! I have made an invitation about the party which can be found down below:

If you can’t understand the information on when the party is here is a brief described way of it:

When: This Thursday, August 7, 2008.

Time: 8:15 AM Penguin Standard Time.

Server: Tundra.

Room: Dock.

What we will do at the Party:

  • Have a snowball war at the snowforts.
  • I will add 20 penguins!
  • We will play games such as sled racing, and find 4!
  • I will click all your player cards while I film!

More info about contest in the party…

During the party I will be holding a contest. This time the first five winners that beat me in Sled Racing will be posted up here on my blog! That’s right! I will put your player card up here for everyone to see!

Hope to see all of you there!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


29 Responses

  1. i will be there bike boy

  2. i will be there too bikeboy
    check out my site mexredy.wordpress.com or mexredy.webs.com

  3. Hi there,

    I am CPMONSTER and you seem to have a very nice site. Please if you would visit my new site and comment we are currently having a contest for a chance to help with the site.

    Thank you and have a good day!


  4. hey nice site and post. Now come over to my site to compete for a 612 day old penguin. Here is the link http://www.beastly1325.wordpress.com

  5. ill be there like the last 10 minutes. i cant come cause i have camp

  6. lol. i dont think i might beat you in sled race. but i will be there. Penguin name: Justrokstar

  7. awsome! i posted about it on my site.
    you should open a custum header shop.

  8. ill make sure to be there Bike. i agree with tren, u should make a custom header shop cuz i need a header for my blog. comment back if u want 🙂

  9. Hey BikeBoy93, I’ll be there for shure. Please Visit my site please, I’m getting really low on hits right before I’m about to have a giant party.

  10. ill have to wake up early i usually wake up at nine! but i guess i can try to wake up at 8:15!

  11. i suck at sled racing lol

  12. Bike i will try to be there caz i wanna meet you and talk to you. I need to brush up on my sled racing skills for the contest! Hope to c u soon!

  13. Hey guys I got a lot of requests about opening up a header shop! What do you think?

    -Bike Boy93

  14. yo bike can you please make the party friday cause im coming home on wendsday and isnt that thursday for you so please comment back and tell me when

  15. open a header shop bike

  16. cool but can u make later cause thats to early and i have school and can u please visit my site

  17. open a header shop

  18. can i come even know u don’t bknow me cuz im trens buddy

  19. open da shop of headers pwease

  20. open a header shop plz

  21. it was my idea

  22. I can make it!

  23. question what program do you use for a custom header and how do you get pictures on your widgets?

  24. im your buddy and il try to go but i cant go but i cant my penguin name is prinplu30 if you see me
    its my brother and ask him if im okay couse i dond feel good and now a cant play the finals on my soccer team bye

  25. hey bike. can i have ur email, i want to ask u a question? it has to do with my blog. you can email me at chipper10.hunt@gmail.com 🙂

  26. and i broke my leg

  27. bike can u add me its my bday too. i’m not lying.

  28. im alredy there!

  29. your asom

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