New Level To Aqua Grabber Sneak Peek

Hey everyone! Today Screenhog announced on Club Penguin’s Blog about a new level coming to the game Aqua Grabber located at the Ice Berg. This is a great move by Club Penguin if you want to earn more coins!

Here is the picture Billybob posted about the new level to Aqua Grabber:

This game is not out yet but will be ready to play in a week!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


9 Responses

  1. Nice!

    Good job Bike Boy 😉

  2. Could u meet me in cp? Plz?

  3. Awesome!

  4. hi bikeboy my birthday was yesterday i turned 12

  5. awesome post bike!

    comment back!

  6. post about our party now

    Bike Boy93 Said: I will Tuesday 12:00 AM EST Time Zone. So basically tonight at 12 midnight.

  7. what is the song in the lounge background?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Hmm.. I don’t really understand your question but the music is the the dance lounge is the same in the night club.

  8. Awesome site!

    The Aqua Grabber updates are out!

    Check my site for an in-depth description:

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