August 2008 Clothing Catalog Secrets & New Pin

Hey everyone! Today there is a new catalog out on Club Penguin and also a new pin hidden!

The newest pin is a Vinyl Record located at the Night Club (Scroll your cursor over the puffle to get the pin):

Here are the secrets for the new clothing catalog:

1. Click the blue shirt on the Glacier Suit to get the Jade Necklace:

2. Red Viking Helmet, and Blue Viking Helmet. Open and close the red viking helmet 4 times to get the blue viking helmet:

3. Click the pink penguins left show to get the Mixed Bracelets:

4. Click one of the two circles on the Sarong to get the Divers Helmet:

5. Click the purple checker on the top left corner to get the Woodman’s Hat:

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


15 Responses

  1. awesome post bike!

  2. Am I one of the contest winners??

    Bike Boy93 Said: We will wait and see! I will be posting up the winners this Sunday!

  3. check the telescope a special pirate is coming!

  4. Nice post!
    Awesome Site! 😛

    Also, post a comment letting me know how my CSS is!

    mmopuk . wordpress . com

    ~ Mmopuk ~

  5. whats css?? 😀 im new to blogging.

    Bike Boy93 Said: CSS is something you have to buy for $15 dollars for a whole year. CSS is great because it lets you design your blog with any color there is!

  6. I cant get #4 to work

    Bike Boy93 Said: Try clicking those two blue circles that look like bubbles at the bottom of the Sarong.

  7. Nice site 😀

    ^^Brand new CP site, check it out.

  8. Umm there are people on your blogroll who dont match your requirements 😦

  9. the partys today at one pm cp time server frozen .
    the party will start at the dock in frozen but we may
    be moving to all difert servers so i dont know yet
    because if frozens full to everyone and alot
    of you cant come that would not be good.
    so i may move the server some where like a low
    server with not many people so thats the
    deal also the games we will play
    {list of games}
    1} final 4
    2} sled raceing
    2} maclical dont know how its spelled..
    4}finding halo and me
    5}the prizes
    (the prizes)
    everyone will have chances to win
    there willl be no basketball45
    because my brother basketball45 has came
    back to clubpenguin so in place of that i will be
    giving away 10 prizes that are so cool
    1) pumpkin army!
    2) halos at war
    6)half million coins
    7)be on my blogroll for 2 weeks!
    8)20 spots! get to be on buddy list
    9)a membership for 1 month
    10)the programe that makes you big1!!

    thank you i hope you can make it guys!
    halo and me

  10. Hi dude! i copied the vinyl record pic on my site ( but i put by bikeboy93, at

    Bike Boy93 Said: Thanks for giving me credit!

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