Club Penguin Times Issues #146

Hey guys! Bike Boy93 couldn’t post today so this is Cabluey posting for him! Club Penguin has extended the Music Jam 2008 Party through August 5th.

The Penguin Band is on Break again. They are giving out a background. Go around to servers that aren’t usually full but are full and also check the popular servers like Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen.

Aqua Grabber has been updated. There are fish including Mullet, that knock off items.

Here are the upcoming events.

  • August 1 – Clothing catalog and new pin hidden.
  • August 8 – Team blues rally 2 at The Stage.
  • Later in August: Rockhopper returns.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


12 Responses

  1. YO YO YO!!

    DATE: AUGUST 1, 2008
    TIME: 4:00 pm cptz time SHARP
    ENDS: 4:30 pm cptz time


  2. Great Post!

    And great party too!
    Can’t wait for 100k!

  3. Hey, dude did you make the background of your theme black with coustoum css? I have the same thing as you and I am thinking about getting coustom css.

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  5. hi bikeboy!

  6. ur so cool!

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    plz visit would mean the worlld to me!

  8. amm i go to icicle every day

  9. The Aqua Grabber Update is On The fith that fish thing has been there ever since we fixed rockhoppers ship all you had to do was get the treasure chest

  10. hey im having a big party on augest 8 in walrus on 5:00pm real time till 5:30 real time!! please come bike boy

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