Club Penguin's Band

If you haven’t noticed two days ago the band left the Stage from the Ice Berg. Instead of playing music on the Stage, they are now roaming to different servers just like Rockhopper giving out a free item! The item they are giving out is a background of the band and their autographs for members only.

Here is what the background looks like:

The Club Penguin Band will go Backstage in different servers. Here is a picture of all the penguin band members. To get the background item click the box icon and you will receive the background:

Pictures thanks to Mike 92.

Comment on this post if you have seen any spotting’s of the band members!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


18 Responses

  1. cool i met them a few hours ago!

  2. hi mmm where is the server that the band come again????????
    meet me in frozen

  3. where r they now i really want to know i can never find rockhopper but i really want to find the pb

  4. Its kinda unfair that nonmembers cant get background!!! What do you think??!

  5. Hey dude cool cheat’s and blog click here to see mine

  6. i was there when they where there but the left so i didnt get the background 😦

  7. I met the band, come to Mammoth Dock for proof! My username is Ninja58.

  8. WHERRES THE PENGUIN BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  9. 🙂 😦 😐 😉 😮 😎 |-) (4) :p

  10. For some help guys, check the servers with a lot of green bars in it which means a lot of people on. Also, check the really popular servers because the band loves to visit there and they will always be in the Backstage.

    -Bike Boy93

  11. I met them did you bike i met them at fjord

  12. yo bike, they are in frozen now!

  13. bike i saw them two times

  14. hey dude cool site please visit

  15. The club penguin band is back at the iceberg so you cant get the background today. Tomorrow when their not there search all the servers in the vip room then you can get the background. Hope it helps!!!

  16. guys i dont know how do get blakc PB hoodies is that from last year?

  17. Ok thanx for the info it helped. Wanna meet on cp some time?

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