Club Penguin Times Issue #145

Hey everyone! Today the new newspaper is out on Club Penguin! The Big event this newspaper is talking about is the Music Jam coming to Club Penguin tomorrow!

This week on Club Penguin penguins have been rehearsing with there bands trying to get to there best potential for tomorrows Music Jam 08! Be ready for the loudest, popping, jumping, most rocking party ever! Club Penguin also has new game in store for tomorrow during the party at the Night Club.

Here are the rules for the Music Jam 08:

  • If you see an empty stage grab your band mates and rock it!
  • If you hear an amazing song get down and bust a move on the dance floor.
  • If you see the penguin band cheer like crazy and show your heart emotion.
  • Grab a backstage pass for an extra special surprise.

Here are all the events that will be going on in each room on Club Penguin:

(Click to enlarge.)

Also, here is a sneak peek of the new level on the new game coming to the Night Club:

Upcoming Events:

1. July 25:

  • Music Jam 08.

2. August 1:

  • New Clothing Catalog.
  • New Pin Hidden.

3. August 8:

  • New Play At the Stage.

In other news..

CLICK HERE, for more information about my 85,000 hits party!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


5 Responses

  1. Nice post!!!!

  2. Wicked post!!!

    – Mmopuk

  3. hey bikeboy when i try to talk to you on cp u keep ignoring me and saying iceland cove is the new hangout!!

  4. hey im having a party on clubpenguin here is info
    7:00 clubpenguin time
    Host is Roehf
    will have a campfire and have lots of fun with games
    Friday the 25th

  5. Sweet man!!

    ~Mr Fun 5~

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