Music Making Game Coming At Music Jam 08 & New Scroll Through Igloos Feature

UPDATE: Club Penguin has changed the sneak peek picture of the new game. Probably because a confusion of a new color, so they made the background darker and also added the green color on the penguin. They also added “DJ 3K” on the DJ Table.

Hey everyone! Have you always wanted the DJ table to do something more then just sit there? Well now Club Penguin has done something about it!

On Friday, July 25 with the Music Jam 08 coming the new game will be coming out! It will be Club Penguin’s first music making game and will be located in the Night Club!

Also, instead of scrolling over the igloo’s trying to find your friends party at you can now just select it on the scroll box on the right hand side! This makes it way easier whether your to meet someone at an igloo or go to a party!

In other news…

CLICK HERE, to read information about my 85,000 hits party!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


6 Responses

  1. I’m having a free membership contest! You can use it on your penguin, have a spare membership to use later, or have a membership contest of your own! for info.

  2. Hey bike! I might be able to make it. It’s good for me that your party is 8:15 PENGUIN TIME because if it were 8:15 Eastern Time, I wouldn’t be able to make it because i have golf lessons. Hope to see you at your party!

    -bm!$+ rockin’ out!

  3. Hey Bike Boy,
    My name is Pizza Pie1. I wana have a contest. The winner will get to have a party with me and three famous penguins wana help? If you can comment on my site at the first post you see. Than I will contact you with more infor mation Thankyou and have a nice day.

  4. hey bike boy im gonna come to ur party and help out i hope thats ok!
    ~waddle on~

  5. hey bike boy93 im having a party i hope you can come


    Time:10:00 AM PST

    Server: Cold Front

    Where:Starting in Detroit87’s Igloo

    and going all around Club Penguin
    i hope u can make it! ~Razza

  6. hey bike why does it say fever on the dj table

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