New Music Video

Hey everyone! Today I finished up my newest music video of VB productions! I have to admit this is my best yet!

Double click the video to comment, rate, favorite, and subscribe to me! 😀

Waddle on!

~Bike Boy93~


15 Responses

  1. Wow, I watched it and it’s tottaly awesome!

  2. well done. well done. that is ur best one yet! when ever u make a new vid, post it up here because well u know. anyway love the vid!

  3. Sweet, that is your best one yet I think. 5/5 😀

    ~Mr Fun 5~

  4. kool man

  5. Aaaah! Bad words.

  6. For young viewers I apologize for the swearing content in the video.

    -Bike Boy93

  7. hey bike plz plz plz enter my contest. oh and u should post about ur party.

    Bike Boy93 Said: Yep I am tonight at 12 AM EST Time! It will be tons of fun! 😀

  8. Wait Club Penguin doesn’t ban you when you say that? Because I tried and I got banned automatically. Maybe the new update had to do with it…

    Bike Boy93 Said: It used to be you could swear in any room as long as there is nobody in it, but due to the new updates Club Penguin fixed it. I do not prefer to give this out because it is breaking Club Penguin rules. I just did it for my music video.

  9. cool video how in the worl did you swear nd not get banned?

  10. i think he did it before club penguin fixed the bugs

  11. or he was in a room by himself
    cuz before they updated u could swear if you were alone

  12. Hey bike What song is this?

  13. im young! i did not like the swearing. it was innapropriate. i dont like it.

  14. the video rocks bike its number 1

  15. your good at music videos!
    mine suck so i never upload them!

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