July 2008 Furniture Catalog Secrets, New Pin Hidden & New Igloo Music

Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin there is a new pin hidden, new igloo music to play in your igloos, and also a new furniture catalog!

The newest pin is a Treble Clef located at the Underground Pool:

There is also new music out on Club Penguin for your igloos. There is three new ones. I have made a box around the new tunes:

July 2008 Furniture Catalog Secrets:

1. Guitar Stand:

2. Vegetable Garden:

3. Flower Planter:

4. Clam:

Also, there is some activity going on at the Night Club. It looks like they have set up some work for the new game coming very soon to Club Penguin.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


14 Responses

  1. sweet! plz comment mine too!

  2. Awesome post, your site is fantastic

  3. Wow what do you guys think of all the new music and also how the Stage has popped up at the Night Club? I love to here your ideas!

    -Bike Boy93

  4. Hi BikeBoy93! I think your blog’s GREAT!
    Just to let you know its redcowz food week so every day for the next 7 days i will post about weird,tasty, and not so tasty food. If you would like to read please click below:


    There is a box for comments at the bottom. :mrgreen:

  5. Awesome post man! I like the new furniture. Keep it up! 😀

    ~Mr Fun 5~

  6. Cool Post!


  7. I Think that the Night Club Is Like that for the new game!

  8. Hey cool post
    please comment on my site you didnt from a long time.

  9. Nice Post!
    Cool Site!

    – Mmopuk.

  10. awesome post bike!

  11. This website is the only website that has been updated that I’ve seen in forever! Your website is great!Thanks for help with the treble clef pin!


  12. yoyo nice site dog you rock

    peace out skill biscut

  13. awesoem

  14. Very nice site!

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