New Features Are Out!

Hey everyone! Sorry I am late I just got back from New York City! Anyways, today the new features are out such as the player inventory change, penguin mail, and server selection change.

Server Selection Change:

  • When logging in to Club Penguin it will say “Logging in (your penguin name)”
  • Selecting servers is now about where you and your buddies visit the most.
  • If you do not want to go to these servers it gives you, you can select the “More Servers” tab on the side. It will be an abc order. This should make it easier for everyone to find servers.

Penguin Mail:

  • If you click the mail icon on the top left of your computer screen, you will be able to use a whole different system of sending mail.
  • The first thing you should do is look at the Penguin Mail postcard. You will also be able to receive a new item which is the Blue Mail Bag. Here is a picture down below.

  • To see your buddy requests, instead of clicking the mail icon, you will have to click what used to be the postcard icon.
  • When sending your friends postcards, you will see a book like this. There are also new postcards. Here is the picture down below.

Here is what it looks like when you send the post card to your friend:

Player Card Update:

  • When you open you player card your items will fade. This all happens when you put items on.
  • To change your items on your account simply click the tab that says “All Items” and then you pick your item based on where it is located on your penguins body.

Igloo Upgrade:

  • With the igloo upgrade you have a nature background instead of just white. This theme comes in all igloos including non members:

  • When you go to edit your igloo it is also different with a paper them:

Buddy Online Update & Spy Phone Update:

  • When a buddy signs on, a message will pop up that they have signed on Club Penguin.
  • You can now find your spy phone by the map instead of in your player card.

Igloo On Map Update:

  • When looking for someones igloo on the map you will see a new selection like this:

Also, you are now allowed to have over 100 buddies and also if you go to buy a new item it will automatically tell you you have it.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


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