Penguin Mail Update

Hey everyone! Today Club Penguin has posted a sneak peek of what will be the upcoming Penguin Mail coming soon. It will allow you to save postcards, ignore postcards and delete the postcards. You can also send mail to your buddies that are offline. Here is a picture of how the new Penguin Mail will look like:

(Click the picture to view a larger image of it.)

You will be able to see your mail by clicking the Penguin Mail icon at the top of the screen. Comment this post and tell me whether you like the idea of Penguin Mail or if you don’t!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


10 Responses

  1. it loks cool but it sucks that u only get 99 messages

  2. ya im with you there tren

  3. Hi bikeboy

    your site is cool and nice

    Can I ask you something….

    It would be nice if you can be an author or editor on my site

    Can you please comment back on my site if you are interested??


    Thx 😀 😉

  4. I agree with Tren56.
    ~Lander 101 8) ~

  5. yay for mail!

  6. Biekboy, i need a really big favor from you. Coudl you please make me a forum banner? I need it to say XS penguin forum and the theme colors are blue orange and red! Thanks a lot if you can make one!

    Bike Boy93 Said: I don’t know if I can right now but if I have time soon I will contact you and make it right away!

  7. Cool css and header!

    Bike Boy93 Said: Thanks!! 😀

  8. Bike im having a 3,000 hits party. go to my site ( for details! PLZ COME I REALLY WANT U TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. sup bike boy93, just stopping by and checking out your awesome site. Also, i wanted to ask if we could add each other to each’s blogroll-i have the requirements for your blogroll so dont even worry. my site is check it out when you have the time-i will be sure to comment again.

    Stay cool,

  10. tell me if ur going to add me to ur blogroll-in the next full day or i will take you off.

    Stay cool,

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