Club Penguin Times Issue #142

Hey everyone! Today Club Penguin has a new newspaper out on Club Penguin! It talks mainly about Rockhopper’s return, and also Penguin Mail coming soon!

Rockhopper has been out at sea for nearly 2 months but now he is back! If you guys need help finding him CLICK HERE. Rockhopper said he loves his new improved ship and that while he was out at sea he faced some big ice bergs but he shot them down with the Snow Cannon 3000! Rockhopper will set sail July 7.

Like I mentioned the last month about the new update Penguin Mail it will be ready to come to Club Penguin this month! It has some cool features such as deleting and saving your post cards you receive. Also, sending the player a post card when they aren’t even around!

Upcoming Events:

1. July 1-6:

  • Light up the skies with fire works at Ice Berg, and Mountain.

2. July 4:

  • New Clothing Catalog and New Wig Catalog
  • New Pin Hidden.

3. July 11:

  • Squidzoid the play returns at the Stage.

4. July 18:

  • New Furniture Catalog.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


8 Responses

  1. Yeah, cool post!

  2. good post
    comment back

  3. Hey Bike Boy! I have made a post about the Iceland, Cove thing as well! Go to Hope it helps! 😀

  4. im so srry about the featured igloo thing. they said yes 😦 but they lied:( ill betcha that its probbally a mod’s igloo and they just make up names

  5. awesome post!

  6. pin at cove

  7. htp://

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